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» » Eric Bellinger - Treat Yourself Feat. Wale [New Song]

Eric Bellinger - Treat Yourself Feat. Wale [New Song]

Wale hops on Eric Bellinger's "Treat Yourself."

Eric Bellinger shared his acoustic mixtape Eric B For President: Term 1 earlier this year. A month later, he's still working with the timeless guitar sound, but he's beefed it up with some driving drum programming. "Treat Yourself" plays to all of Bellinger's strengths, as he delivers a nimble hook that could easily be applied to a more conventional radio single. Eventually Wale shows up, sounding comfortable as ever over the warm R&B instrumental.

We're anticipating new projects from both of these two, and "Treat Yourself" promises that they're both exactly where they need to be. Eric will release Term 2 of his Eric B For President series in March. "Treat Yourself" will be included on the 8 song collection. Pre-order it here.

Quotable Lyrics:
I'm a motherfucking boss
And I get money by the caseload
I be stackin', stackin' pesos
I've been workin' towards the lifestyle
And I deserve it right now

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