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» »Unlabelled » 5 Nutritious Smoothie Recipes For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need some special nutrients that help in fetal development. Smoothies are perfect for a mother and her developing baby since they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
These sweet sips are full of healthy fruit that is safe for both mama and baby. Smoothies can be taken for breakfast or as a nutritious snack in between meals or as light lunch.

See below smoothie for pregnancy recipes recommended for you and your baby.

1. Fresh Ginger, Raw Banana Smoothie

The roller coaster of pregnancy nausea is no fun at all. Smoothies are a great way to quell your queasiness. This smoothie is highly recommended for those pregnant women having a tough time with morning sickness.
One extra-large black-spotted organic banana
2 cups of coconut water ice cubes
1 cup of mango or apple juice (freshly squeezed or bottled brand)
Two tablespoons of freshly chopped juicy ginger
With just a half cup of the coconut water ice cube, blend all ingredients on high speed. After it is all finely blended, add the other half of ice cubes.
If you do not have coconut water, you can replace with juice ice cubes. Using plain water will down the flavor.
If using raw, unfrozen banana, ensure to use a lot of ice to prevent your smoothie from becoming mushy.

2. Honey-Peach Smoothie

This is a super smoothie that is rich in fiber, protein, and plant omega-3 fatty acids
1 cup milk
2/3 cup reduced-fat Greek yogurt
1 1/3 cups frozen peach
¼ cup of ground flaxseeds
Two tablespoons of pure honey
Slice the frozen peach into cubes and then add all ingredients to the blender.
Cover and blend on high speed for about 30 seconds.
Add some lemon juice to bring out the flavor of the peaches. (Optional)

3. Cucumber-Cantaloupe Cooler

This smoothie is rich in vitamin C, protein, folate, and calcium.
1/2 cup cucumber
1 cup cantaloupe
1/2 cup sugar-free, low-fat yogurt
Eight plain water ice cubes
One tablespoon pure honey
One teaspoon lemon zest
4-6 fresh mint leaves (optional)
Dice the peeled cucumber and cantaloupe into cubes.
Combine all ingredients and then blend until smooth.

4. Melon and mint smoothie

Melons are known to provide prenatal vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B. Melons are also rich in niacin and potassium. These nutrients are especially beneficial to the development of your baby’s brain, vision, nervous and immune systems. The potassium helps to regulate water balance in the blood and body tissues during pregnancy.
Half a cup of melon cut into chunks
One fresh cucumber diced into chunks
1 cup of freshly squeezed apple juice
One freshly squeezed lime juice
Mint leaves (for taste)
Put all ingredients in a blender and whizz for about fifty seconds until smooth.
For a chilled serving, put some ice cubes.

5. Spinach smoothie

Surprisingly delicious and full of healthy benefits for you and your growing baby, this smoothie is packed with iron, dietary fiber, magnesium and pregnancy vitamins such as vitamin C, K, and A.
1 apple
1 pear
1 1/2 cups of apple juice
Four big handfuls of spinach
Peel and chop the apple and pear into dices.
Put all the ingredients in a blender and whizz for about thirty seconds until smooth.


Depending on your cravings and preference, you can add more ice cubed apple juice if you love your smoothie more liquid and chilled.
Add an extra burst flavor with a teaspoon of fresh ginger.
Nutrition is a very special concern for pregnant women. A pregnant woman needs a wide variety of nutrients. Green smoothies come in handy due to their abundance of nutrients that are beneficial to both mother and baby. It is prudent that you seek advice from you Obstetrician on the best vegetable and fruits to throw into your smoothie.
Depending on your craving and taste buds, you can vary the fruits to suit your preference. In addition, you can add more veggies such as spinach, kale, avocado and carrots to your smoothie to make it heavier.
Although green smoothies are full of nutrients, there are specific nutrients that you may not be getting from your smoothies and daily diet such as Vitamin B-9. Your obstetrician may prescribe some of the best over the counter prenatal vitamin that you can easily blend into your smoothie.

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