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» » Beyoncé Singer's premature twins under monitoring at hospital

The twins have been reportedly placed "under the lights" in a bid to cure their elevated bilirubin levels.

Twin babies belonging to R&B singer, Beyonce are reported to have been delivered prematurely and are currently under observation at a hospital.
According to TMZ, they are "under the lights" due to the possibility of jaundice which is often caused by elevated bilirubin levels.

The procedure was carried out in a bid to "lower bilirubin in the blood to eliminate the jaundice", TMZ reports.

Though a saddening occurrence, the condition which is common among premature babies is considered not to be dangerous once proper treatment is given.

Jaundice is a medical term that describes the yellowing of the skin and the whitening of the eyes.

A source who spoke to TMZ disclosed that the babies were not carried to full-term.

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