Rihanna's thumbnail has the internet puzzled. A Photoshop fail?


Rihanna originally posted carnival photos on Monday, and they instantly spread around the web. Not because of her fingernails, but because the sexy superstar’s body is looking a little curvier. (Though true fans have been tracking the resurgence of Thickanna for some time now.) And then there was the fact that Chris Brown, her very controversial ex, decided to comment on a pic with a big-eyed emoji as if his eyes were popping out of his head over the hot shot.

There was so much to look at in Rihanna's recent carnival photos that something was missed when she originally posted it - an apparent Photoshop fail‼️

The singer posted the feathered and bedazzled shot ‼️ which got a lot of attention, including from her ex Chris Brown but the pic had apparently been digitally enhanced because, upon closer inspection, it appears she has two turquoise thumbnails on her right hand‼️

But some loyalists quickly came to her aid, insisting it isn't the work of computers.

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