FICTIONAL STORY: Deception at its best. Read and enjoy

The book and its author
"Deception at its best" is a short fictional story.Its a very interesting story with lots of lessons to go home with. The author of this lovely piece Temple Osaze, a young fellow from the University of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria.

The Story

My name is faith,I'll be telling you the story of my life. My story goes out to all youth,especially the ladies who think money is everything.
I was born in the year 1996, I am 21years old, a native of Ugbolo a village in Nigeria, I am school dropout,and a single mother of two.
Here goes my story.
In my secondary school days, especially my junior secondary, I never knew anything about love because I just entered the stage of puberty. I finished my JSS3 when I was 15. And during the break I was introduced into masturbation and pornography by my cousin (a guy) who wrote the same exam with me. How it all started.


He was watching pornongraphic movies on his phone with his ear piece on, so I was anxious to know what made him so focus dat he never wanted to show me. One day he left his phone at home and I took the opportunity to look at the things that made him so focus and excited because after every video he watches, he always covers his... With wrapper saying his chemistry is high, I never knew what he meant as I was a dull student in school who never payed attention.
When I opened the videos in his phone, it was something I have never seen before and I was so curious to watch it to the end. There were so many on his phone. It continued like this every time he left his phone at home I became an addict to it.
 One day I was so unfortunate, while I was so focus watching the video and touching myself, my cousin came in and saw me, I was so embarrassed that I couldn't move. I rushed to cover myself up but my cousin stopped me, as I refused him touching me, he started telling me lies of how virgins die if once they reach the age of 16 without having sex and so unfortunate to myself I fell for the lies he told. I saw myself been lost to the touches of my cousin, that day I had the first sex of my life, and it was also the beginning of my downfall.
After that day, I never had sex again with anyone because my cousin and his family changed states, making me feel insecure to show my body to another boy except my cousin. I got a phone and filled it with porn and my masturbation increased. In my SS2 (Senior secondary two) days, my friends introduced me to this cute guy, he was hot because of his muscularity and his wealth.
We met and went into a relationship, i told him lots of lies about me and a day came that when he opened my phone and saw all the videos, he confronted me that I had lied to him saying that I was a virgin and an innocent girl.
After knowing the truth, he decided to test me out but I refused saying I don't want to get pregnant because its just 3weeks of our relationship. He showered me with gifts and money, I was lust in his wealth that i didnt take note of his motive behind the actions. A day came and he asked me again for sex, I gave in so easily in order to get more gifts from him. It continued like this for months, sex like twice a week with him. My parents never knew what was happening.
I had my first abortion for him when I was in SS3 and a year later, one of my friends died due to abortion.
And by this time we were through with secondary school.
I got pregnant for him the second time and I refused to abort it because i was scared that I would die like my friend and this made my boyfriend to break up with me. My parents disowned me after they knew about my condition. I was decieved by my bestfriend into living a life of a prostitute to sustain myself. I was 19 at the time I gave birth to my first child.
I met lot of guys who promised to take care of me and my baby, but I refused because they had no money. I was so lust for money and not for love and care because of the experience I had with my first boyfriend, so I met this guy, he was very rich, an oil worker. I lied to him about my identity, saying that I'm an orphan, didn't go to school and I was raped,. He believed and he promised that he will take care of me. I quickly agreed, no time wasting because he was very rich.
Into the first year of our relationship, we were having sex quite all right because I was a sex addict, I was engaged to him but I was still having sex outside because I'm used to it. I got pregnant again but didn't know who had the baby. I told him I was pregnant for him and that I want to remove it, he told that I should keep it and that he will marry me for it.
He kept showering me and my baby with gifts and money, kept me in a beautiful house and even introduced me to his family.Karma fell on me again as I reached his family house.
He's brother used to be my customer when I was a sex worker, so he recognised me and told his brother all about me, he was furious but forgave me after a long while. He was suppose to propose to me. But the marriage proposals was postponed till after I give birth. I never knew he waited in order to know if the baby I was carrying was his. In the ninth month of my pregnancy I gave birth to a beautiful boy,,,and after the naming of the boy, he pretended to be happy, I had forgotten about the whole thing that I did during the time of my sons' conception. One of the days, he came into the house shouting with anger that I should leave his house saying that I'm a slot. So foolish was I that I never knew where his anger came from until I opened the envelope he threw at my face.
In the envelope contained two letters, one was the letter of the result of a DNA test conducted to know if he was the father of my son and the other was the result of a HIV test,,To my greatest surprise and anguish, he was not the father of my baby and he was HIV positive which he got from me. He drove me out of his house with my two children not allowing me to leave with my properties. And that was how I went into street begging all at the age of 21.
So please my fellow girls and youths don't be deceived by anyone to do things which are evil, detrimental and even derail you from your destiny in life.

My name is faith,i am a sch dropout,a single mother of two and a HIV positive, this is my story.

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