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ABUJA; Unsung Heroes Award 2018 gets a date

OMA LIVING SHOW and POSHMARILYN TV have announced that the maiden edition of the UNSUNG HEROES AWARD will hold on the Saturday 10th November 2018 at the Apostolic Resource Center Wuse II Abuja Abuja.

The award which was established by OMA LIVING SHOW in 2015, will be recognizing and celebrating the unsung heroes in our society whom have made and are still making positive contributions across all aspects of life.

In a statement released by the organizer of the award Marilyn Oma Anona said;

''celebrating unsung heroes is one of the themes of the OMA LIVING SHOW. So in 2015, the thought or idea of actually celebrating these UNSUNG HEROES beyond just having them as guests on the OMA LIVING SHOW was conceived but several attempts to organize and execute it failed due to lots of reasons the topmost being lack of financial capital and the best strategy to use in implementing this idea''.

''I was unrelenting as is with all of my dreams, ideas and goals. So this year, the thought came on so strongly and I knew it was just time to execute this no matter how small the MAIDEN EDITION would be just to prove that we actually love to inspire, encourage and celebrate people who have done a lot but hardly noticed... Moreover, We have given out awards to a lot of people in our mini events''. ''the unsung heroes’ award is very unique and our award categories are very different from the usual she continued.

Speaking further the popular TV Talkshow Host maintained that;

''in this maiden edition, we want to recognize and appreciate brands, companies and people who have risen above the odds to do great things for themselves and the society.

''We are starting with about 21 categories and everything will be strictly on merit. In a society where values are fast depleting and hardwork, due process and substance are either despised or relished to the background

''OMA LIVING SHOW is set to do all within her capacity to elevate, promote and propagate values. In this MAIDEN EDITION, we will be viewing the S.A.D (suicide, anxiety and depression) campaign documentary and also creating an avenue for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas directly to investors who are our special guests at the event''.

She advised that the award ceremony is one event anyone could afford to miss. She said they are open to sponsors and partners and that also businesses can advertise themselves at the event. Tickets to this event are very affordable.

The Unsung Heroes' Award is organized and presented by the OMA LIVING SHOW and powered by POSHMARILYN TV (PMTV).

FICTIONAL STORY: Deception at its best. Read and enjoy

The book and its author
"Deception at its best" is a short fictional story.Its a very interesting story with lots of lessons to go home with. The author of this lovely piece Temple Osaze, a young fellow from the University of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria.

The Story

My name is faith,I'll be telling you the story of my life. My story goes out to all youth,especially the ladies who think money is everything.
I was born in the year 1996, I am 21years old, a native of Ugbolo a village in Nigeria, I am school dropout,and a single mother of two.
Here goes my story.
In my secondary school days, especially my junior secondary, I never knew anything about love because I just entered the stage of puberty. I finished my JSS3 when I was 15. And during the break I was introduced into masturbation and pornography by my cousin (a guy) who wrote the same exam with me. How it all started.


He was watching pornongraphic movies on his phone with his ear piece on, so I was anxious to know what made him so focus dat he never wanted to show me. One day he left his phone at home and I took the opportunity to look at the things that made him so focus and excited because after every video he watches, he always covers his... With wrapper saying his chemistry is high, I never knew what he meant as I was a dull student in school who never payed attention.
When I opened the videos in his phone, it was something I have never seen before and I was so curious to watch it to the end. There were so many on his phone. It continued like this every time he left his phone at home I became an addict to it.
 One day I was so unfortunate, while I was so focus watching the video and touching myself, my cousin came in and saw me, I was so embarrassed that I couldn't move. I rushed to cover myself up but my cousin stopped me, as I refused him touching me, he started telling me lies of how virgins die if once they reach the age of 16 without having sex and so unfortunate to myself I fell for the lies he told. I saw myself been lost to the touches of my cousin, that day I had the first sex of my life, and it was also the beginning of my downfall.
After that day, I never had sex again with anyone because my cousin and his family changed states, making me feel insecure to show my body to another boy except my cousin. I got a phone and filled it with porn and my masturbation increased. In my SS2 (Senior secondary two) days, my friends introduced me to this cute guy, he was hot because of his muscularity and his wealth.
We met and went into a relationship, i told him lots of lies about me and a day came that when he opened my phone and saw all the videos, he confronted me that I had lied to him saying that I was a virgin and an innocent girl.
After knowing the truth, he decided to test me out but I refused saying I don't want to get pregnant because its just 3weeks of our relationship. He showered me with gifts and money, I was lust in his wealth that i didnt take note of his motive behind the actions. A day came and he asked me again for sex, I gave in so easily in order to get more gifts from him. It continued like this for months, sex like twice a week with him. My parents never knew what was happening.
I had my first abortion for him when I was in SS3 and a year later, one of my friends died due to abortion.
And by this time we were through with secondary school.
I got pregnant for him the second time and I refused to abort it because i was scared that I would die like my friend and this made my boyfriend to break up with me. My parents disowned me after they knew about my condition. I was decieved by my bestfriend into living a life of a prostitute to sustain myself. I was 19 at the time I gave birth to my first child.
I met lot of guys who promised to take care of me and my baby, but I refused because they had no money. I was so lust for money and not for love and care because of the experience I had with my first boyfriend, so I met this guy, he was very rich, an oil worker. I lied to him about my identity, saying that I'm an orphan, didn't go to school and I was raped,. He believed and he promised that he will take care of me. I quickly agreed, no time wasting because he was very rich.
Into the first year of our relationship, we were having sex quite all right because I was a sex addict, I was engaged to him but I was still having sex outside because I'm used to it. I got pregnant again but didn't know who had the baby. I told him I was pregnant for him and that I want to remove it, he told that I should keep it and that he will marry me for it.
He kept showering me and my baby with gifts and money, kept me in a beautiful house and even introduced me to his family.Karma fell on me again as I reached his family house.
He's brother used to be my customer when I was a sex worker, so he recognised me and told his brother all about me, he was furious but forgave me after a long while. He was suppose to propose to me. But the marriage proposals was postponed till after I give birth. I never knew he waited in order to know if the baby I was carrying was his. In the ninth month of my pregnancy I gave birth to a beautiful boy,,,and after the naming of the boy, he pretended to be happy, I had forgotten about the whole thing that I did during the time of my sons' conception. One of the days, he came into the house shouting with anger that I should leave his house saying that I'm a slot. So foolish was I that I never knew where his anger came from until I opened the envelope he threw at my face.
In the envelope contained two letters, one was the letter of the result of a DNA test conducted to know if he was the father of my son and the other was the result of a HIV test,,To my greatest surprise and anguish, he was not the father of my baby and he was HIV positive which he got from me. He drove me out of his house with my two children not allowing me to leave with my properties. And that was how I went into street begging all at the age of 21.
So please my fellow girls and youths don't be deceived by anyone to do things which are evil, detrimental and even derail you from your destiny in life.

My name is faith,i am a sch dropout,a single mother of two and a HIV positive, this is my story.



This FUNNY VIDEO is very hilarious. Please share it.

» Policemen On Election Duty Doze Off At Ikorodu Local Government (Photo) «

Policemen on election duty doze off at Ikorodu Local Government due to inactivity. #LagosLGElection #LagosLGPolls

Flooded Lekki This Morning (Pictures)

The Pictures wlll say. I feel bad for the motorists .

P.S That's a road, or it used to be Lol

» White Man Orders Soldiers To Beat Up A Nigerian Over Electricity Bill In Edo (Pics) «

Earlier today, a white man working with the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) orders Military personnel attached to him to beat up one Mr. Innocent Okpara over resistance of the electricity company officials to take his expensive wires after disconnection for non payment of electricity bills.
This happened behind Santana Market, Sapele Road, Benin City in the presence of the Business Manager, a Nigerian in charge of the business unit that covers the area. The man has been disconnected for owing the company an amount he said could not be justified, his argument was that, he bought the wires with his money and that it does not belong to the private company hence, he was not going to allow them to take away the expensive wires.

Similar reports have reached the human rights community of the activities in the past of same white men who go about with military personnel to harass, intimidate, humiliate, brutalize and in some cases threaten to shoot citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over electricity issues. Such case was that of one Mr. Owas Evbuomwan about a month ago in Oluku-Iguosa axis who was threatened by military personnel attached to another white man working with BEDC to shoot if he dares question the authority of a white man in threatening a Nigerian like him. It should be noted that there are three of them working with BEDC and they all exhibit the habit of creating fear and tension in the minds of Nigerians thereby making Nigerians look like cowards in their own land.

Reports have been passed to the 4 Mechanized Brigade, Benin City severally on the activities of soldiers who molest and assault citizens and no action have been demonstrated to show there is still value for human rights even in a democratic dispensation like ours. A lot of such incidences are archived with pictorial evidences and victims are readily available to testify of military brutalization and assault on their persons without direct provocation that warrants same.

It is important for Nigerians to still know if our leaders have finally handed over the life and destiny to foreigners or this is another round of colonial rule using our military to achieve.

The Edo Civil Society Organisations will stop at nothing to mobilize all other Nigerians to resist any form of colonial tendencies even if our leaders are docile and non chalant about it. We cannot tolerate it, because Nigerians in the Diaspora cannot try what these white men are daring here.

To this end, we are demanding a full scale investigation into the activities of these white men working with BEDC to the extent that whether they possess such rights in line with our constitution to command our military personnel to unleash terror on citizens. We cannot be slaves in our own land because these white men are here to elk a living for themselves and another round of colonial tendencies we shall resist even with the last drop of our blood. The most stupid Nigerian at least deserves some respects from a foreigner in his land.

We own the Land.



Comrade Osazee Edigin
Edo Civil Society Organisations

Charly Boy’s Granddaughter Graduates With First Class (Photos)

The daughter of our very own Area Fada, Charly boy, has just graduated with first class honours from college. The proud grandfather took to his instagram account to break the good news.

He wrote...

"Dear God, In fact I no know weytin you see for my body wey you dey take scatter me with blessings anyhow. I no complain o! I just dey grateful as you dey Totori me with blessings. You are already aware say my first grand daughter Princess Olivia don finish her university degree with first class honours. Baba, you just too much. Look all my fine fine pikin wey you give me. Correct correct grandchildren. Thank you for packaging my life, I am indeed very grateful. More promotions Baba. I just bow. Nothing like you. Your son. AreaFada ( charlyboy )"

Fulani Men Armed With AK47 Kill Man Coming Back From Market In Nasarawa (Photos)

According to the story shared on Facebook by Uchechukwu,a man was allegedly killed by Fulani men while coming back from market in Lafia.They allegedly robbed the deceased and others before killing him.Below is what he wrote....
'The stubborn once who are yet to believe.

The quiet notice is no joke.

The young man below was coming back from

BDA 'barkiladi' market in lafia and the unknown & unique fulani men with Ak47 stopped them all and ask the IGBOS TO SEPARATE FROM THE GROUPS AFTER RUBBING THEM THE WHERE ASKED TO LAY DOWN ON THE HIGH WAY JUST A STONE THROW TO THE MILITARY CHECK POINT.



Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital Lafia OR CALL ANYBODY AT LAFIA NOW

They have commence the killing already at LAFIA THE CAPITAL OF NASARAWA STATE.


NB: Trezzy Helm is not an eyewitness to this story but a story shared by a FB user

500 Acquire Skills To Reduce Unemployment In Enugu

They were carefully drawn from all parts of the state and trained in eight satellite centres spread across the three senatorial zones of the state under the National Industrial Skills Development Programme, NISDP.

Director General of ITF, Joseph Ari, said that the NISDP, was one of the key initiatives of ITF for job creation and wealth generation.

Represented by a Director in the Agency, Mr. Dickson Onuoha, Ari said that apart from NISDP, ITF had commenced series of initiatives including the Technical Skills Development Programme, TSDP,  Women Skills Empowerment Programme, WOSEP, among other skills acquisition programmes.

•Some of the graduate trainees.
According to him, some of the training centres included the Products Development Agency, PRODA, the Science Equipment Development Institute, SEDI, Peace Land School, the Mario Institute, Nsukka as well as D-cube Engineering services and St. Paul’s Skill Acquisition, Oji River.

They were said to have been engaged on three months intensive training in the centres which gave them the invaluable opportunity to acquire employable skills, just as they were equally given entrepreneurial training by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency, SMEDAN, which prepared them for the world of businesses.

According to Ari, before the end of the trainings, they were able to produce items and products in their different areas of training. The beneficiaries were trained in trade areas such as cosmetology, carpentry and wood work, domestic electrical wiring, tailoring and weaving, welding and fabrication among others.

At their passing ceremony in Enugu, the trainees displayed an array of items such as automatic electric control panels, well-tailored clothes, different cosmetic products, fabricated house doors, tables and chairs, among others.

One of those trained in electrical installations, Mr Chidubem Odenigbo, who spoke while displaying their group automatic electric change over switch said they were versatile in all electrical work and appealed for patronage of individuals and government agencies.

Another graduate-trainee, Mr. Raphael Uche pleaded with the state government to help provide them with starter packs to compliment the meagre amount the ITF gave them at the end of their trainings.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State who was represented by the state Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Mr. Sam Ogbu-Nwobodo urged the trainee-graduates to produce quality products.

He also, advised them not to divert the money given them as take- off grants, while urging them to do everything within their reach to keep their customers satisfied.

Photos Of The 16-Year-Old Girl Raped By Medical Doctor In Enugu (Shocking Details)

The 16-year-old girl who was allegedly defiled by a medical doctor, identified as Ejike Arum has shared her side of the story. In a chat with Human rights lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, the teenager revealed the shocking things the Enugu based doctor made her do.

According to Barrister Emeka, "He disvirgined her violently. He penetrated her anally. He subjected her to torture and painful sex acts and many times she choked and gagged with his joystick in her mouth and her head pulled firmly against his groin.

The first sexual assault occurred after the doctor lied to her that he was breast cancer specialist and scared her with a story of how breast cancer was responsible for the death of many teenagers because they refused to get tested. He then began to fumble her breast in his car with the tinted glasses wound up. From fumbling the breast of the 15-year old for breast cancer test, he inserted his finger into her vagina as part of the breast cancer test.

The girl was below the statutory age of consent when it started. But also, she was scared and actually forced and she never consented. The girl is presently 16-years old. She is slight and slim in built. Her young body must have sufferered incredible abuse by this man".

The New World's Ugliest Dog Has Just Been Crowned And Her Name Is Martha

And the World's Ugliest Dog of 2015 is...Martha, a Neapolitan Mastiff.

In a competition usually comprised of tiny dogs, the 3-year-old, 125-pound dog beat out 13 other pups to take home the top honor of being dubbed "The Ugliest Dog in the World" at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif on Friday.

Not every lady would like this as a bio, but the trophy-winning champ's short description on the contest's website lists: "125 pounds of drooling, snoring, gassy, loud and silly girl." 

The dog's owner, Shirley Zindler, rescued the big girl, who went nearly blind from neglect, from a California rescue group. Since being taken in, Martha has undergone surgery and her eyesight has improved. In addition to the top honor, Martha's family was awarded $1,500, a flashy trophy and a trip to New York for press appearances.

But all of that doesn't matter, what Martha wants most in the world is to take a nap...

NBC News reports that judge Kerry Sanders asked the gassy gal, "Do you know you just won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest?"

Her handler answered for her: "I'd gloat, but I need a nap."
The CEO of the fair said in a statement on the competition, which is comprised of many shelter and rescue dogs, that, "We’re proud to celebrate all dogs and pets by showing that no matter their imperfections, they are adoptable, lovable and a great addition to any family."

The oldest dog in the competition, Moe, a 16-year-old Brussels Griffon-pug mix, was runner up, reports the Associated Press. Chase, a 14-year-old Chinese Crested-Harke mix, went home with third.

How to get rid of Halitosis (mouth odour)

What more can be as embarrassing as being unable to speak out in the midst of friends and families?

It is shameful experience to have your spouse decline your attempt for a kiss. A very close friend of mine once suffered this fate there is no denying it most times I seize my breath while he speaks because it might embarrass him to see me cover my nose. He had lost several friends because of this. Thank God for

Frank complained bitterly to me about this his condition since I was his bosom friend he told me how bad it was that he often had to speak less even among his family members it was worst among mates in school so he had decided to keep to himself. He had no girl friend either. He had used mouth wash on several occasions with no good result.

Hoping for a solution, he went to the hospital as the dentist brought out a halimeter (a portable sulfide gas monitor) for diagnose, made some jottings then referred to my friends condition with all sorts of names such as; ozostomia, fetor oris and stomatodysodia. But first they needed to check his blood sugar level since diabetes can cause halitosis. The doctor then warned that other diseases such as liver disease, lungs disease and cancer. It was obvious that Frank's mouth odor resulted from poor oral hygiene.

We must be very watchful of what we eat and the times we do most people eat raw onions and locust beans often because of its health benefit but are we aware it triggers halitosis? Often times we find ourselves eating suya with all sorts of fresh ingredients and don't even bother to take care of our teeth and mouth before sleeping. Diary meat and fish leaves some particles of proteins in the gums and in between teeth they are being fed upon by anaerobic, sulfur- producing bacteria they don't even require oxygen to grow and multiply. The tongue and gums can produce unpleasant smelling gases and can lead to tooth decay. Chronic dry mouth and problems from the salivary gland can cause mouth odor.

Visit for solution.

Frank yielded to the dentist's advise and avoided suya completely, ate meals rich in fiber, drank green and black tea and would constantly use the mouth wash for washing his mouth. But little did we know that the alcohol in the mouth wash is a drying agent so it can lead to dry mouth no wonder smokers and alcoholics suffer mouth odor.

I am putting this up today, because I was instrumental to his breakthrough. Although it took us close to two years to find this solution but glad we eventually did.. I was consistently searching for solution. I read so many books and surfed the internet. The internet eventually did miracle as I dazzled into this Frank has the freshest of all breaths today I think I am quite envious.

» 5000 Cultists Give Their Lives To Christ At Kumuyi's Crusade In Ogoni Rivers «

Five thousand cultists in Ogoni land, Rivers state, have on Friday night, renounced their membership of different cult groups and accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour at a peace and unity crusade organised by different denominations in conjunction with Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Bori , Rivers state.

The cultists who gave their lives to Christ shortly after a sermon delivered by the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi blamed politicians for using them for their selfish goals after which they were dumped to suffer hardship.

One of the church leaders, who spoke to after the crusade, said Pastor Kumuyi had earlier met with religious leaders, traditional rulers, youths and community leaders where he asked them to set aside their differences and harness their weaknesses and strengths in order to enthrone peace so as to attract development to the region.

At the meeting which was held at the convocation arena of the Ken Saro Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori, Pastor Kumuyi made it clear that peace and development could only thrive, if the Ogoni people learn to forgive each other, forget their past differences and determine to work together for a better and prosperous life for their people.

He said animosity and hatred could only breed communal clashes, violence and distrust even as he sued for peaceful co-existence among the various clans that make up the Ogoni land.

Pastor Kumuyi assured them that with peace and unity in Ogoni land, God will turn the hearts of government at all levels towards the oil rich community which will lead to progress and prosperity.

He said that when God must have finished doing His wonders in Ogoni, the people will look at their past like a child’s play; saying that the best of their past will be the least in all their endeavours.

Female SS2 Student Who Returned Lost N18,000 In Ogun Gets N200,000 Reward (Photos)

Remember the 19-year-old SS2 student, Omolabake Samson who displayed an act of bravery and honesty by returning a lost purse which contained N18,000 to FCMB Sagamu Branch in Ogun state, she has been heavily rewarded for her honesty with a cheque of N200,000 by the bank. Destiny smiled on her because that same day, the Bank South West Zonal Director, Mr Babatunde Onadeko was around for inspection at the branch that same day.

He was dazzled by the action of the girl and decided to make her known by asking the Branch Manager to write a letter of commendation for the girl and the letter should be taken to her school the following day to serve as a role model.

Comrade Lasisi Akeem the State Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools was around with the State Secretary, Comrade Banjo Joseph Adegbenga to grace the occasion.

The Head Corporate Affairs of FCMB, Mr. Diran Olojo, Group Head (Corporate Affairs) FCMB who did the presentation of a dummy cheque of Two Hundred Thousands Naira to the girl stated emphatically that it is rare to still find such a trustworthy girl in our society. He said anyone that take anything that doesn't belong to him is called a thief. He further gave the girl a personal cheque to the girl.

Mr Babatunde Onadeko, Zonal Head (South-West2), FCMB, narrated the whole event to the students and the people that were present on May 19th at the Banking Hall.

She returned 18,000 Naira but has gotten more than that. Up till now, people are still blessing this unique girl.

» Luxury Audi R8 Car Worth Over N40million Spotted At Lagos Airport (Photos) «

A luxury car was spotted recently being loaded at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos. The new Audi AG R8 which is worth over N40 million (ranging from $120k to $160k) - caught the attention of people at the airport and even also the workers who loaded it on board Ethiopian Airlines. See photos below;

Health :- After 50 Nutritional Needs

Our bodies change as we get older. That causes our nutritional needs to change, as well. Nutrition comes from food and water. Our nutritional needs may change based on whether you are a man or woman, certain medical conditions, activity level, and age.

Food provides us with the energy and nutrients we need to stay healthy. Men and women need protein (meat, fish, dairy, beans, and nuts), carbohydrates (whole grains), fats (healthy oils), vitamins, minerals, and water. These things may actually help prevent some diseases, including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

Path to improved wellness
It’s even more important to practice “mindful eating” after the age of 50. This means we need to think and plan for everything we eat and drink. Tips for mindful eating include:

Choose a variety of healthy foods at each meal. This includes servings of fruit, vegetables, protein, and whole grains.
Avoid unhealthy calories, such as cakes, cookies, chips, soda, and alcohol.
Choose foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. Avoid saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats are animal-based (red meat, dairy). Trans fats are found in processed foods. These are foods such as packaged baked goods.
Watch portion sizes. Keep in mind that a 3-ounce serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards. It’s okay to treat yourself to chips once in awhile. Just don’t mindlessly eat from a bag. Measure out an appropriate amount and then put the bag away.
Buy pre-cut fruit and vegetables if it’s difficult for you to cut them yourself.
Add healthy spices to your food if your tastes have changed. Do not add salt.
Learn to read labels. Packaged items contain nutrition labels. These labels tell you what a serving size is, as well as the number of calories, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, and protein per serving.
Strive to get the right nutrients in your meals each day. Good nutrients include:

dietary fiber (fiber from food)
vitamin A
vitamin C.
Some nutrients are not good. Limit or avoid the following nutrients:

total fat (saturated and trans fat)
Things to consider
Follow your doctor’s advice for nutrition. Not everyone has the same nutritional needs after the age of 50. A person who has diabetes may have to monitor carbohydrates first and calories second. A person with high blood pressure may need to watch his or her sodium levels more than other nutrients. Also, not all nutrients are the same. For example, the calories in fruit are healthier than the calories in cake. The carbohydrates in whole grains are healthier than those in candy.

Men and women over the age of 50 need different amounts of calories each day. For example:

Women who are physically inactive should have 1,600 daily calories.
Women who are moderately active should have 1,800 daily calories.
Women who are very active should have between 2,000 and 2,200 daily calories.
Men who are physically inactive should have 2,000 daily calories.
Men who are moderately active should have between 2,200 and 2,400 daily calories.
Men who are very active should have between 2,400 and 2,800 daily calories.
As we age, sodium is a concern for men and women. After age 50, people should consume no more than 1,500 milligrams per day of salt. That’s about two-thirds of a teaspoon. Do not add table salt to your food. Read nutrition labels and watch the amounts of salt in packaged and processed foods. Canned foods and processed meats (bologna, bacon, hot dogs) contain high amounts of salt. Some sodium is good for your nerves. But too much can increase your risks of certain medical conditions.

For example, too much sodium causes your body to retain fluid. This can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. For women older than 50 and post-menopausal, too much sodium causes your bones to lose calcium. This leads to the bone loss condition known as osteoporosis.

Food safety is another concern for men and wo

13 Awkward Things Married Women Do That Destroy Their Marriage.

We all know that men sometimes can be very overbearing and sometimes responsible for some actions their wives take but nevertheless,women must understand that marriage is a great,decent and sacred institution that must be treated with utmost respect and guided with all sense of decency.

To be frank,there are some silly things some married ladies do that do not show any form of respect to them,their men and their marriage.
These are things that need to be avoided by the lady irrespective of whatever excuse they may have.

I have had many friends who have been married and some are divorced and after discussing with them,i have come to realize that some of these women were infact the architect of their failed marriages and i will try to elucidate on some of the awkward things ladies do that break up their marriages.

1. Poor communication:

In every relationship we find ourselves,communication is vital. No one is a mind reader and no matter what it may be that could be a reason for your unhappiness,speak out immediately in a stern manner and not laikadaisically.
Many women are found of calling their hubby's relatives to complain about certain issues meanwhile the hubby at home does not have an idea of how hurting they are concerning that issue.

2. Sharing their marital issue with a male admirer/friend.

Not every guy you know is responsible. We have some low lives that has no regard for any form of decency and it is no news that many guys are in this category.
When you discuss your marital issues with an admirer or a male friend,most times what these guys hear is "im vulnurable,i need you as a succor". This is why most times,when a married woman take solace in a male friend,the end result is usually an illicit affair.

3. Being careless with male friends.

I have always maintained that there is nothing like just friends between a married woman and another man.
If he is not your childhood friend,co-worker,co-student,business partner then you have no business with him.
Many married ladies have a careless habit of keeping male friends indiscriminately and worst still get so careless allowing these guys call them by their maiden names.

I will never call a married lady by her maiden name because just as the name suggests,its her unmarried name but will rather put Mrs,sis,madam.

When a married lady is called by her maiden name,it diminishes as well as tarnishes her respect,image and matrimony giving room for a potential unethical relationship between her and the "just male friends".

4. Seeking vengeance.

Many married lady tend to take some actions in order to prove to their hubby that a sauce for the goose is also ok for the gander but unfortunately this will destroy your marriage more.

When you take a revenge on your hubby by sleeping with another man because he cheats on you,of what use will that be to you?

What value will that add to your life?
Learn to maintain your dignity no matter what because at the end,the shame will all come back to you and as I always reiterate. ..nobody can make you do what you are not capable of doing.

5. Talking down on your hubby.

This is one foolish mistake many ladies do. You and your hubby are one and talking down on him means talking down on yourself. It is one thing to voice out what he did and another to use outright abusive words on him.

In situations where a couple seperates,some ladies will not mind talking down on their hubby with a friend,their family and even with male suitors and i keep wondering if the woman thinks this will earn her any form of respect.

If you call your hubby a sick man then what does that make you? Or you call your hubby an asshole then it takes an asshole to tango with such a man.

No matter how angry you may be,don't ever rule out reconcilation and even if you are never going to reconcile,respect your matrimony with him even if he deserves no respect from you.

6.Moving out of their matrimonial home hastily over an avoidable reason.

What excuse do you have

Amber Rose posts raunchy photos to Instagram

Amber Rose posts raunchy photos to Instagram

Amber Rose loves to look like a sex kitten on Instagram.

And the 33-year-old Philadelphia native did just that on Saturday by sticking out her tongue and her bottom in a series of pinup images.

This comes just as the ex of Kanye West and Wiz Khalfia said she has not had sex this year.

Last week she caused a frenzy with a very sexy photo to promote her third annual SlutWalk in October.

The photo was removed by Instagram as it violated the company’s no-nudity policy.

So she seems to like to go over-the-top online.

And on Thursday she was at it again.

The talk show host, 33, shared a meme with the note: 'When it’s six months into 2017 and you still haven’t been f***ed yet.'

The best friend of Blac Chyna added: 'When the world thinks you have Orgies all day and mad dudes because ur sexually confident and body positive but really you’re a full-time mom/ businesswoman and literally have no time for penis #hoeislife tho.'

She last dated Val Chmerkovskiy after meeting him on Dancing With The Stars. But the two split in February.

Before that the pinup was linked to French Montana, who used to date Khloe Kardashian.

The blonde looker has son Sebastian, aged four, with ex-fiancé Wiz Khalifa.

And several years ago she was the girlfriend of West, who is now married to Kim Kardashian with whom he has two kids: North and Saint.

In 2016 she got into a feud with West when she insinuated that he liked kinky sex.

He clapped back with an insult that he would never have dated her if Kim has said yes to him earlier. He also made her seem like a gold digger for hooking up with Wiz.

And then Rose went for the jugular: 'He is a f***ing clown. I know him. I know him. The crazy thing is he came out with a song, I think like last week saying that I had my son for a meal ticket?

'And I didn’t even say anything. I was like, “Man, he’s a cornball. I’m not saying sh**.” The he gets on the internet today and he’s like “a stripper trapped you, Wiz” but like, you took me around the world. We dated for like two years, but you’re talking sh** about Wiz and my baby?'

Kylie Jenner oozes sex appeal as she flaunts ample assets in completely sheer lace bra

Kylie Jenner oozes sex appeal  flaunts ample assets

The reality star left little to the imagination as she oozed sex appeal in the smoking hot snap which she shared with her 95.3 million followers.

Her ample assets were impossible to miss as the Agent Provocateur lingerie drew plenty of attention to her sizeable bust.

Not even her long raven tresses which cascaded down straight over her shoulder could distract fans from her eye-popping cleavage.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Pouting to the camera, Kylie wore a full-face of make-up for the smouldering photo and also showed off her washboard stomach.

And her post certainly went down a storm with her social media followers as the tantalising treat racked up more than 2 million likes.

Last week, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty posted a nearly identical picture although it didn’t show her ample bust.

The 19-year-old shared the snaps to promote her lipstick Baby Girl Matte from her successful makeup range.

Kylie Jenner oozes sex appeal  flaunts ample assets

The savvy businesswoman has been very busy promoting her brand and the launch of her new her fashion range on The Kylie Shop.

Earlier on in the week, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian put her curvaceous figure on full display as she stripped down to some seriously sexy swimwear.

Captioning the image “Can’t wait for all the new Kylie shop things…” the stunner showed off her phenomenal physique as she flashed the flesh in the mirror.

JAMB Says 62,140 Candidates Are To Take Supplementary UTME July 1

THE Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has said about 62,140 candidates will sit for the supplementary Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination scheduled for Saturday July 1, 2017.

Registrar and Chief Executive of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Professor Is-haq Oloyede, made this known on Wednesday in Abuja.

The JAMB boss, also announced the cancellation of results of 59,698 candidates that sat for the main UTME, saying another 24 CBT centres have been suspended for one year for failing to live up to expectations.

He said the Board has blacklisted 48 Computer-Based Test (CBT) centres over their involvement in extortion and organised examination malpractices during the 2017 UTME.

Those that would sit for the supplementary UTME include the 3,811 candidates who did late registration when the main examination was ongoing and 683 who had biometric-related issues.

According to Prof Oloyede, 1,386 candidates have their results cancelled over examination malpractice, 57,646 results were also affected as a result of centres-induced malpractices while the results of 666 candidates were cancelled due to multiple examinations.

Oloyede said, “Also, that the examination was conducted in 140 examination towns and 642 examination centres which ran 7,359 sessions. Moreover, that we received various reports on cases of examination malpractices.

“Therefore, the meeting approved the following; the commendation of staff of JAMB and other agencies involved in the administration of the examination for exemplary conduct, particularly where monetary inducement was given to centres, and their collaborators were turned over to the board.

“The rescheduling of examinations are for candidates of centres with mass malpractices but who are deemed to be innocent, biometric non-verification machine-related issues, technical and log-out issues, late registration and four lost sessions in three centres.

“We also approved the suspension of 24 computer-based centres for one year due to technical issues. These centres would not participate in the 2018 UTME but they can be considered for 2019 and above.

“We also delisted 48 centres from participating in the board’s examination in the future due to technical deficiencies, extortion, organised examination malpractices, and other damaging infractions. We also approved Saturday, July 1, for the rescheduled examination.