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Danny Young sues Tiwa Savage for alleged copyright theft

Danny young has proceeded to sue Tiwa after the video was restored on Youtube 

Veteran singer cum hit-maker, Tiwa Savage has been hit with an N200M lawsuit by singer Danny Young Uber the allegations of copyright theft. 

Earlier this morning, it was reported that the video for Tiwa Savage’s song, ‘One’ which was initially taken down by streaming platform, YouTube following allegations of copyright infringement by a third party believed to be Ajibola Olumuyiwa Danladi, popularly known as Danny Young had been restored as the allegations could not be proven. 

But instead of a happy ending, Danny Young has now taken the case further with a lawsuit filed against her at the Federal Hight Court, Lagos, dated February 13, 2019. 

This was made known by Danny Young on his Instagram page with the caption, 

”Tiwa! I know pple love u! Even me… BUT I still have to sue u bcos u stole my sh*t! a simple dialogue would av solved this but u prefer it this way. Now we will be in court discussing some 200,000,000 Damages.” 

Danny Young Sues Tiwa Savage For Alleged Copyright Theft 

In a press release by the law firm representing him, Creative Legal and signed by its Principal Attorney, Justin Ige, it stated the reason why the decision was made, 

“Piracy is bad enough, but it is perhaps worse when creative people appear to completely disrespect the intellectual property rights of fellow creatives. Such conduct should not be without due consequences” 

A lay man may not understand what we are fighting for as it is more technical than just the lyrics. Nigeria is a place where writers do not get credits from the artiste they wrote songs for because the artiste wants to get all the glory alone. 

Producers also do not know that they have a right to royalties even after being paid for the beat. If I contribute one word to your composition, I automatically have a right to credits as one of the writers. This is a world standard and anything less is unacceptable especially when coming from an artiste that has international exposure.” 

Since the allegations were initially made, Tiwa Savage has refused to respond to it in any terms However, a few media holdings has made efforts to reach out to the singer, Tiwa Savage’s representatives for comment but are yet to get any response



The year 2018 has indeed been a great one for the 27-year-old Afrofusion singer Burna Boy, who recently acquired a brand new 2019 Range Rover and flaunted his new toy on social media.

The London boy singer has had a busy year. With the release of his record-smashing album titled Outside, he has proved to many Nigerians that there is more to him rhythmically and lyrically. Many hit songs of the album has had him in many cities performing and of course, cashing out.

[New Song Album] 'SHABACH' by East Wind

[New Song] 'SHABACH' by East Wind

East Wind releases his first music album which he titled “SHABACH”. Emmanual Onuobi fondly known as East Wind is a music gospel Minister, drummer, guitarist, praise and worship leader and a music director. 

“The 11 track album plan started far back as 2012 as the songs were delivered to me by the Holy Spirit in the place of prayers and worship (East Wind)”. 

He said, the album title “SHABACH” which means shout of praise was given to him by God on the month of October 2018 during an all night prayer session. 

The album features the like of spirit-filled artist Kae Strings, The Gashi Nan Crooner on the 8th track titled “Depends on You”.

Spacey Accuser Filmed Alleged Sexual Assault On Snapchat

Spacey Accuser Filmed Alleged Sexual Assault On Snapchat

A video showing Kevin Spacey assaulting a teenager in a Nantucket bar is in the hands of Massachusetts State Police, according to a police report obtained by states that the victim of the case had taken a Snapchat video of part of the encounter which could serve as proof of the alleged crime.

The drinks continued constantly through the whole night. Things started to get a little fuzzy when [Unruh’s son] and Spacey went over to the piano,” Trooper Gerald F. Donovan wrote in the report. “[Unruh’s son] said he had at least four or five beers before Spacey said they should switch to whiskey adding, ‘Let’s get drunk.’ ”

The actor is said to have told the young man to stop texting his girlfriend and shifted the conversation to his penis size. “[Unruh’s son] said he did not know how to respond to that,” Donovan wrote in his report. Later, Spacey invited the teenager to come back to his home. After receiving a refusal, the House of Cards star decided to fondle the teen's private parts. This is the act that was reportedly caught on video.

Drake Shows Off His Son Adonis' Adorable Artwork

Drake Shows Off His Son Adonis' Adorable Artwork

Drake went through a hell of a year when it came to his son. Although the rapper had planned on revealing his seed to the world on his album, Pusha T beat him to the punch and dragged young Adonis into the feud. At the time, millions believed the "deadbeat dad" narrative that Pusha T sold so well, but that was all for entertainment. Grounded in reality, and not a rap feud, is Drake's undying love for his child. The proud father gushed about his newborn on Scorpion, but he's been careful about sharing too much information about the baby. As Christmas night drew to a close though, Drizzy took to Instagram to share a piece of art his son made for him, presumably as a holiday gift.

Drake posted a picture of Adonis' hand painting to his Instagram, captioning the pic with "Adonis > Picasso don’t @ me 💙🎄." Those are the words of an extremely proud father, and the white frame he placed around the artwork drives his admiration home. Adonis' art will certainly hold a special place on Drizzy's wall. While Drake may have millions in the bank, it's the little things that come from the heart that really touch us all.

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Banky W tells Nigerians Not to Sell There Vote

Banky W tells Nigerians Not to Sell There Vote

Banky W has said Nigerians who collect money from politicians to vote during elections should not complain about the economy.

In an interview with Sahara TV, the popular entertainer said his party is hoping that the frustration in the country has made people wiser about voting. He said;

“We are counting on the fact that Nigerians know what is going on, they have not fooled easily anymore,”

“Even the poorest among us understand this game, they understand that every four years, politicians come along and give them money to cast their vote and that is the last time they will see them till four years later.

“We are trying to educate people and say that we can’t do the same thing and expect different results. If they are going to vote for a politician because he gave 20k, then don’t complain that things are hard because you mortgaged your piece of the country by going that route.”

Speaking on voter apathy, he said people who do not show up at the polling booth on election day are the ones that make it easy to rig.

“By not voting, you are voting for things to remain the same. By not voting, you are giving you voice and your vote to the same people you are complaining about.

“People complain about rigging, what they don’t understand that when they stay home, that’s the perfect scenario for rigging to occur.

“When you make an allotment in this room for 10 people to vote and one person shows up, you have just created the perfect scenario for anybody to come along and play with the numbers.”

He is contesting to represent Eti-Osa at the federal house of representatives candidate on the platform of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP) via

Amber Rose Shares Throwback Pic With Rihanna

Amber Rose Shares Throwback Pic With Rihanna

Amber Rose Shares Throwback Pic With Rihanna

When Amber Rose isn't posing naked in the sun with a fur coat or playing with her pet snake she's going through archived photos from the early 2000s. Her latest share to Instagram proves the last point to be true since Amber shared a vintage photo from 2009 with her and Rihanna. As seen below, the photo shows a very youthful Amber and Riri who, at one point, were pretty good friends.

It's safe to say the two may be on good terms now, but there was one moment when Riri sent of some tweets that were seemingly aimed at Amber. In 2009 Chris Brown brutally attacked Rihanna and a few years later Amber was supposedly grinding on him at a club. "But she just broke up with Wiz now she with my ex n***a?" Rihanna tweeted at the time, adding: "Ratchet & unfaithful."

A lot has changed in almost 10 years which makes us confident that the two are now civil.

Speaking of Wiz Khalifa, he and Amber share a son together and seem to be co-parenting successfully with Amber only sharing kind words about Wiz's girlfriend, Winnie Harlow. "I think she’s a fucking sweetheart and you know, I love my ex-husband in a way where … it’s you know, he’s my best friend,” she said.

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"I think Winnie is so cool and also as a parent, it’s like, if Winnie is at the house, I know that she’s going to be so nice to my son and that’s so important to me instead of having a person that’s like not good to your baby."

Pitbull sets goal to teach 20,000 kids in 2019

Rapper Pitbull is making the expansion of his educational endeavours his New Year's resolution, pledging to teach 20,000 students in his schools by the close of 2019.  

The Timber hit-maker is the co-founder and ambassador for SLAM! (Sports Leadership Arts and Management) charter schools, which has expanded into seven locations since the first campus was founded in 2013 in his native Miami, Florida, and now he is looking to educate double the number of kids for the year ahead. 

 "When it comes to education, we have now 10 schools with 10,000 kids in it. So I would say for next year my resolution would be to be up to 20 schools with 20,000 kids in it," he tells Variety. 

Pitbull, real name Armando Perez, is proud of his work with SLAM!, which serves low-income students with free tuition and boasts a 95 per cent graduation rate, and he hopes the success of the schools shows others how the arts can help improve society. 

"Bottom line, my goal is always to show people the power of music and how that can unite people instead of divide people," he explains, "and the society that we're living in right now, everybody's about instant gratification and they're more about negative news rather than positive news. 

So if we can continue to put out music that brings people together instead of separating them, that to me is always the major accomplishment. 

Because that leads us to be able to do things like education and really help those that really need it and those that really crave and starve and take advantage of opportunities. 

 "So with that said, as always the major goal is utilising music to the best of its ability to bring everybody together." 

Pitbull was honoured for his contribution to the music industry with a hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on Friday (14Dec18) and the event was wrapped up with an even greater honour courtesy of his good pal John Travolta. 

 "It's a true honour and there's not even words to explain what it is to be a part of something so iconic - to be able to leave your legacy one way or another in Hollywood," he gushes of his cement ceremony. 

"A good friend of ours, John Travolta, hit me up with a message saying: 'They better put you next to me.' "So for John Travolta, with everything that he has contributed to Hollywood and to film and the icon that he is, to be able to hit me up with a message like that? It's priceless." 

Travolta was on hand at the ceremony to celebrate his friend's feat.