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Lil Pump Makes The Boldest Claim: "I Got Lady Gaga On The Album"

Lil Pump Makes The Boldest Claim: "I Got Lady Gaga On The Album"

Lil Pump was on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio program the moment his new "Racks on Racks" video went to press. As we reported, the video employs a Mad Max dystopian to post-millennial perfection - even Zane Lowe seemed to be in agreement. After previewing the song, and talking down to Pump's level of "everyday" pragmatism, Zane quizzed his guest on the particulars of his long-anticipated Harverd Dropout tape.

And though Pump kept a poker face, for the most part, he did reveal one big name contributor to the project, a surprising one at that. "You want a name?” Lil Pump asked. "Lady Gaga. I got Lady Gaga on the album, what’s up? It’s going down!" But when it comes to Lil Pump high propensity for trollery, believe at your own peril. For all we know, his assertion of Lady Gaga could be a giant Red Herring leading to much of the same. But I for one, see the plausibility of Lil Pump and Lady Gaga converging at the intersection of both their careers.

Once Harverd Dropout is released, Lil Pump has every intention of fulfilling his touring obligations, which include a performance at Coachella with Big Guwop and Spacepurpp under the group alias of "Gucci Gang." If you'll recall, the Coachella festival had the media mass rolling on the floor at the suggestion of a "Gucci Gang." Turns out they weren't lollygagging after all. 

Meek Mill Isn't Surprised About 6ix9ine Reportedly Testifying Against Associate

Meek Mill Isn't Surprised About 6ix9ine Reportedly Testifying Against Associate

Tekashi 6ix9ine looks like he might be behind bars for a long time if he's convicted in his federal case. He isn't here to entertain us on Instagram anymore but we're constantly getting updates on his current legal situation. Earlier today, it was reported that the rainbow-haired rapper "dropped the dime" on one of his associates for the Chief Keef shooting. Unfortunately, the person he reportedly pinned to the crime is someone who was seen heavily in his early music videos, Kooda B. However, this news isn't shocking to Meek Mill who thinks 6ix9ine's scenario is a shame.

Meek Mill is back on Twitter heavily these days, interacting with fans and chiming in on the latest news. After reports on 6ix9ine's scenario emerged, Meek Mill took to the social media platform to share his thoughts on the recent news on 6ix9ine.

"That’s a shame," he wrote. "when I came home everybody was like he got some real dudes backing him “ I was like how” y’all better stop running behind rappers acting like y’all ready to throw y’all lives away over some stupid shit .. I have seen this coming a while ago."

Meek previously spoke on Tekashi 6ix9ine's scenario during the Championships press run. The rapper explained that he thinks 6ix9ine is a good kid but he got caught up in the streets when he shouldn't have even been in it in the first place.

"I'd hit him like that shit you doing is stupid at this point. I know you might have got on from doing it and it worked out to be able to make some money. But I think you need to slow down," he said. "The world will deliver the energy that you're putting out. You're delivering a gangster type of energy. He locked up in the middle of some sh*t. You gave that energy, you kinda get that energy back."

A$AP Rocky Gives Soulja Boy Credit For Paving The Way For Him

A$AP Rocky Gives Soulja Boy Credit For Paving The Way For Him

Soulja Boy is making it quite clear that he's getting ready to take over the rap game this year. Big Draco kicked things off with his infamous "Tyga?!" rant which turned into a full-blown press run. Soulja's been making it clear that he's the reason why some of your favorite artists have careers. A$AP Rocky, who's career blossomed on the Internet, believes that he wouldn't have a career if Soulja Boy didn't pave the way.

Speaking with Big Boy, Rocky was asked about his feelings about Soulja Boy's come back. Although it's easy to dismiss Big Draco by laughing at his antics, Rocky admitted that Soulja did pave the way for artists to be self-sufficient by using the internet.

"If it wasn't for Soulja Boy, man, A$AP Rocky probably wouldn't be around, man," he admitted. "It's not too far-fetched as me saying 'If it wasn't for Kanye and Pharrell I wouldn't be able to do what I do in fashion and navigate and learn from their mistakes' and what not."

He added, "He kinda made a formula. He was the first to do it and it work for him and since then I think that kind of became a basis of a standard way to make it."

Unfortunately, Rocky hasn't had the chance to tell that to Soulja Boy personally, he did speak on having the viral sensation at 2019 Yams Day.

"He showed up to Yams day and unfortunately, I was in the back cursin' out some sound people," he recalled. "By the time he got off stage -- you know, A$AP Ferg invited him. So shout outs to Soulja, I'm so thankful he came to show love."

Abuja: Sugar Boi to perform at Volume Lounge and Club grand opening

Nigerian music sensation Sugar Boi alongside other top Nigerian music acts will be performing at the grand opening of the Abuja newest lounge and club The Volume Lounge and Club situated in Hotel Rosebud, 5th Avenue, Off 3rd Avenue Gwarimpa Abuja 

The grand opening which will hold on the 1st of February 2019, will also see top celebrities and fun seekers make appearances 

The Owner and the brain behind this classy and one in town outfit had this to say: 

 ‘It’s a place befitting for men and women classy taste and splendor, men and women who love their privacy. It’s something every fun seeker will fully enjoy, with a classy and stylish club is a premium, international standard club with multiple segments, and dozens of customized VIP lounges that can be found nowhere else on the sub continent’’. 

In the bid to transform Abuja’s elite nightlife and sound, The Volume lounge and Club came at the right time to contribute and play their part in the transformation agenda of the Night life and entertainment sector of the Federal Capital Territory 

With its impeccable design and finishing and first of its kind d├ęcor and lighting, world class customer service and hospitality, renowned DJs and an over the roof sound system, it’s sure a place to be.

[New Song Alert] 'OLISA' - STROID

'Olisa'  by STROID and produced by Omonzy Boomba finally released

STROID know among his folks as POPULAR DEMAND is Abuja's fast rising music act. announced himself to the music scene professionally with his first official single 'LUNGU' Produced by Killertunes in 2018...

He is back with a new single he titled 'OLISA' Produced by Omonzy Boomba..

According to the Abuja based fast rising music act ‘’I chose to start this year with a prayer song asking God to bless my music hustle because I believe this is my year’’

[New Song Cover] 'Do The Right Thing' - Emmanuel Kor Ft Emmanuel Kim

Emmanuel Kor popularly known by his folks as Emmy Kor featured Emmanuel Kim in Cover song titled "Do The Right Thing" originally rendered by Cobhams Asuquo a renowned Nigeria versatile music artist. 

The Abuja based duo in the cover song re-echoed the need for the world to do the right thing so that peace may reign. The cover produced by Isaac Sandy is a must download by all lovers of peace.